Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What I've been up to

Happy Summer everyone! It has been awhile . I would like to say thank you to everyone for the kind words since my Grandmother's passing . It means so much . So thankful we have such wonderful memories of great times with her. While I have been reading all your blog updates I haven't been commenting as much as usual as I have been busy all winter preparing for our home's new addtion. Cleaning out the basement and the backroom that was torn off to make room for beautiful daughters accessible bathroom and bedroom .This commenced the first week in June. Here is the progress so far.Next will be the roof and if any of you have gone through the reno process you soon learn that there are a lot of lulls. Holidays for staff, waiting for the next trade to come by and finish their part of the job is all part of the process. We've been fortunate so far that the only "problem" has been 3 different episodes of a couple of days without cable tv and internet service and this mostly happened when school was out so no one needed to do a search for history class or something else. Also so far all the work has been outside so that is good . Not for long though. Exciting for dear daughter but handsome son lost his 'band practice ' room . He is very understanding and knows the additional room will benefit all. He may end up taking over her upstairs bedroom ( what I now intend for a guest room) Not sure how the band will like the purple and pink decor !!
Here is a lovely I stitched for a friend who is a tea lover like myself for her birthday awhile back . It is a Sweetheart Tree design . It's always a pleasure stitching gifts for friends. Please excuse the poor photo lighting.I can't seem to get the photos to place properly but you will get the idea .I am more than halfway through Lizzie Kate's 'Christmas Rules' and just finished Little House Needleworks' Farm Fresh' which will look great in our kitchen when the reno is complete. I will show those as soon as I get some pics.
Picking up my daughter from camp tomorrow . Where does 10 days go? !! We all hope she had a wonderful time. I won't be so long in posting the next time! Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer .


  1. Having lived through a major remodel/addition myself, Jennifer, I know how disruptive it can be! But, oh, you'll be so happy to have the extra space when it's all finished! Hope things continue to go smoothly.

    Your little tea piece is wonderful--I love the darling teapot :) Enjoy the rest of your summer and keep us posted on your house's progress!

  2. How fun to see the pictures. Big remodels are hard to live through but fun to look back on. :) Your stitched piece is sweet, I'm sure your friend loves it!

  3. Wow! You have been busy!!! Love the finish! and can't wait to see progress and finish piccies of your other pieces!

  4. Dear Jennifer,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment. It is always so fun to find a new blog friend has left a comment. I appreciate your kind words of encouragement and support.

    How is the remodeling project coming? It was a mess when we were adding on 2 1/2 rooms for my mom years ago... but when it was all done it was well worth the inconvenience of building it. My mom has been gone since 1986 but we still call that bedroom... Grandmother's room.

    I hope that you will come back and visit me often. I will look forward to hearing from you again. Hus, Lura