Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

As usual haven't posted in awhile. Reno still going on . We are so very close but today not a soul arrived to do anything. Painting started but now at a standstill . Dust is cleaned up only to come again . Have been very patient and it won't be too much longer. Finally took a picture of a cross stitch finish to be framed and hung in the new part of the kitchen . Little house needleworks 'Garden Fresh'. Loved stitching this and the colours are great.Not a great pic , as I didn't iron it yet but will prepare it for framing and show the finish hopefully soon. Also wanted to show you two little Halloween gingerbread houses I bought at a recent craft fair. Aren't they cute?
Hope to show some reno pics soon . Hard to believe it will be November 1st tomorrow. Will show my progress on Lizzie Kate's 'Christmas Rules' soon . Thanks for stopping by!