Monday, April 26, 2010


Happy Monday everyone! Where did April go? It has to be one of my fav months as my bday and DD's bday and springtime occur( well usually in Canada it changes from spring to summer in one day but not this year) Lots of beautiful blooms abound in my neck of the woods. Here is my weekend progress on 'Lo' I really enjoyed stitching this part and again am loving this piece.Unfortunately you can see some of my threads behind the fabric ! Lee is just about at the same point as I am in the project but has a few more stitched motifs at the bottom of her piece. It is fun to stitch this with another lovely stitcher.Next time I will show you my birthday stash that arrived in the mail today. ( hurrah!!)I am reading Jodi Picoult's new book ' House Rules' . Only have a week more to have it out of the fast lane at the library so must get going . Really enjoying it . Must go and tend to DD who has a cold/cough and has been home all day from school .
Until next time....

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Back to'Lo' and some new finishes

Happy spring day everyone! I am back to stitching on 'Lo' with Lee and am happy to be back at it. Here is the latest pic. I got the top two flowers and the word 'rose' and part of 'How ' done. It was a struggle as my daughter had a science test to study for but our work paid off and she did well on Monday with it. We both celebrated birthdays in the last two weeks and she was very happy with her birthday as her Educational Assistants spoiled her with a purple boa and a crown to wear on her special day . She came home a very happy gal.
As for dear son , he is learning to drive and my first experience with him was a bit nerve wracking to say the least! My DH has better luck but if you are just starting behind the wheel it there is bound to be some anxiety for your passengers. We'll get him enrolled in a local driving school very soon.
Here are my 'cupcake' and 'tart' finishes from CCN. I may add some beads to cupcake as it calls for french knots and I think the beads would look pretty . They are quick to stitch so I must think of a new colour for my kitchen so I can get them framed when done and up on the freshly painted wall.
I would like to thank Jayne at ' An eye for threads" for nominating me for the beautiful blogger award! What an honour! I will blog more about this when I can get Mr. Technical ( my DS ) to assist me.
Until then have a wonderful stitching week.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Stashatolla, Spring break and a Start!

Long time no hear! I have been back over a week now from our March break trip to Tuscon Arizona. Am behind on blog reading and the 3 hour time difference has made me more forgetful and out of it than usual!
We had a wonderful time in Tuscon . This is the second year we have gone to the Westward Look Resort . The scenery is beautiful. There just happens to be a wonderful cross stitch shop in Tuscon that has wonderful models everywhere and helpful staff. They were having a great sale too .
I was able to get a lot of stash from a $2 box that when I took it to the cash it was only $1!!
Things I might not have bought at full price.
I didn't take any pics of the inside of the store as the owner wasn't there but they certainly have a full stock . Here is what I purchased, If you
click on the picture you will see 'Tis Spring' by Homespun elegance. It came with a little gold ladybug charm. I saw the little house neighborhood done over one and it was beautiful. Got some linen for another future project.The Cricket Collection leaflet was $1 at a place called Bookmans that sold used books, records, magazines and a lot of craft mags with a sprinkling of x stitch leaflets. My son had a heyday in there as he found a lot of books he wanted. I also had a new start . I hope to do four of these and put them in my kitchen . The first one is 'Cupcake' , with tart, pie and cake hopefully to follow in the near future.In the picture are the new scissors I treated myself to. Elizabeth I with embedded with roses. I just love them. I hope to make a rose fob( in my dreams !!)
It is always great to get back home after a trip, but it has been a whirlwind since. Next tuesday I am having a birthday and my one year of blogging is coming up on April 29th. I am going to have a little give away to celebrate so stay tuned. Must get caught up on what everyone has been up to. Happy Easter everyone!!