Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Part 3 finale!

Having another heatwave in the Toronto area but not as hot as it was on my trip to Santa Fe New Mexico! We started out on July 10th and flew to L.A. for two days and then drove to San Diego California. Before we left L.A. we had a stop at Elisabeth's fav.store where she stocked up on outfits for her dolls. In San Diego we stayed in Del Mar and the beach was beautiful ( insert your most dreamy beach scene here!) We visited the San Diego zoo and saw every animal you could ever think of . My personal favs were the mother panda and her 18month old baby . Luckily we were there at lunch to see them out and not asleep. After frying ourselves at the zoo we headed back to our lovely hotel Hilton that was across from a race track started up by Jimmy Durante, Lucille Ball and others. It was the biggest race track I had ever seen. After 4 days in San Diego we drove back to L. A. and flew to Denver stayed a night and drove the next day to Santa Fe, New Mexico whose daily temps of over 100degrees didn't really agree with my children but they managed to enjoy themselves. We stayed at the Big Thunder resort and casino( casino unbeknownst to my husband who booked it all online! ) Beautiful place. On the last day I spent $5.94 in the 1 cent slot and won $ 69. 06 and promptly walked out ! Able to buy everyone lunch at least. Elisabeth bought moccasins that were made in Canada! and Nicholas bought a cool hat . I bought a t shirt . The drive to Santa Fe from Denver is spectacular . We took in the Albuqurque Isotopes baseball game . Luckily in the shade at 102 degrees at 6pm when the game started and 82 degrees when it ended after 8 pm in a thunderstorm . All in all it was a wonderful family trip. Had my parents here for this past weekend as we attended a beautiful wedding in Toronto at the Steam Whistle Brewery. My cousin's daughter was married. They had some fun touches, a box of flip flops if you had sore feet from your high heels, a candy table for favours, a soapbox photo booth where you could dress up and have your pic taken . some of the dressups were hilarious, horns, funny glasses, and sparklers on the patio when it got dark for the bride and groom to go thru and get their picture taken . A really fun time!
Now tomorrow I pick up Elisabeth at Easter Seals camp where she has been for 10 days. Where the time went I have no clue. They don't start back to school till Sept 7th so hope we can still have some more fun . Going to have a quiet stitching evening as I have to get up early to drive 2 hrs to pick her up . The boys are taking in 'The Black Keys' concert in Toronto tonight . So that will be a nice evening out for them. Hope to have some more finishes to show in the very near future.Thanks for visiting!