Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A win !!

Well the mail brought me a lovely surprise when I won a draw on Carol' s blog stitchingdream that Carol had for her birthday. I hadn't seen this wonderful Christmas ornament chart before. She generously sent the threads and this cute quilt card along with it . Thank you so much Carol and Happy happy birthday. I have certainly met some wonderful stitching friends since I started my blog . What a wonderful blog world!
Not much to show yet on 'Lo ' but will have some progress next week . We got some wonderful news last week when I took my daughter to see the surgeon for her checkup. She doesn't need surgery on her legs so we don't see him for another two years when she is 16. We were all thrilled as we know that we are keeping her moving in her walker at school and exercises done at home. She had surgery when she was 5 and it is a painful memory for her.
I have been having fun looking at all the Nashville releases and hope to have some new stash to share soon( to add to my millions of other projects!!) join the club right? !
Canada is doing so well at the Olympics as are the U. S. and the rest of the world. It is certainly fun to watch.
I wanted to mention that the heart from my last post is from a magazine but I am not sure which one. I can't even recall what prompted me to stitch it , it was so long ago. It would look lovely in red though.
Before I go here are my Valentine flowers that my sweetie sent me .They were a wonderful surprise.I have cut them off and put them in the bowl to enjoy the final days of their beauty!
Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments you leave , they are a bright spot during these dull winter days !

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A finish and a Valentine

I finished 'Practice Kindness' I added the key as I love keys and have seen them on various blogs. Not sure I am thrilled about how the pale year showed up but I think with a dark frame I can handle it. Think I will take it to be framed soon before it gathers dust. I guess it can be my first finish for 2010 even though I probably started it in 1995 when the pattern came out. I forgot to mention in my last post that those beautiful threads are Weeks dye works threads. Just loving them on 'Lo'
I hope everyone has a great Valentine's weekend and gets some well deserved stitching time in .
Here is a heart that I stitched a few years back that would look good in red too . I can't even remember where it came from but with my destashing I am sure it will turn up.
Happy Heart's day!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Progress on 'Lo'

Well with the Superbowl yesterday I managed to get some stitching in with my SAL partner Lee at Lakestitcher. Here is my latest progress. I love this design and the threads are so surprising with every stitch when they change colour . I finished Practice Kindness but will be taking out what I stitched as the year as it looks too big and I think stitch it over one. Hope to show it to you soon. I hope all my blogging friends are staying warm and safe in the snow belts.
We have had such little snow this year, better not speak too soon!! I will try and post some snow pics later in the week.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

That's the craziest excuse for not x-stitching I've ever heard!

Well last week has come and gone and I didn't end up posting but have a little gem to show you that I made for my true love. ( I am sure he will be thrilled hee hee ha ha!!) I received this in an order I placed from a webshop a few yrs back and finally stitched it up .
As for "Lo" and "Practice Kindness.."I have had a few things come up that have kept me from stitching . One day I went for a haircut to the salon and while driving home encountered the police blocking off my section of a very long street that runs down to Lake Ontario.
Apparently an elderly lady had driven out of our local hospital right into an apartment building 4 doors down from my house!!! The poor lad sleeping in the apartment went to hospital and was alright thank goodness . The little lady was also fine. Certainly could have been worse. I couldn't get to my house so I ran errands till the street opened 4 hrs later. Was planning on stitching that day but hard to top that one!! I am sure my fellow bloggers have had good intentions to stitch on certain days and have been interrupted by unwanted intrusions. Some things one just can't help!! Tomorrow is my Dear Son's 16th Birthday . I just turned around twice and....... I will be making the 4 layer skor bar cake shown in an October post for dear husbands birthday and hope to celebrate at a local restaurant.
Hope to be back soon with more progress on 'Lo'( there has been some!) and a finish!