Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Part 2

Well when I last left off I had been to Montreal with the grade 8 class. The following weekend we attended my brother Peter's wedding to Aimee in Windsor Ontario. It started off with a family dinner at the Tecumseh Roadhouse where we got to meet a lot of Aimee's family that we didn't know . I will never trust mapquest again as we got lost with their directions and had to phone for help . Anyhow all went well and the wedding was held in Aimee's parents beautiful backyard and then on to the reception at a local restaurant.
Here we all are. Aimee has two sons Josh 19
and Jonah 14 who also has special needs.I am the one in the black dress. I had hoped to find a more colourful dress for this lovely occasion but was unsuccessful .
So after that lovely day we headed back home the next day to prepare for June 28th , Elisabeth's grade 8 graduation. What can I say , I thought she looked just beautiful and the whole ceremony and evening was great. She received the special education advisory commitee award from our school board. The speech that the lady from the board read was the longest one of the night and Elisabeth was thrilled. She has
done a lot to mentor two younger girls in the school with special needs so this was the icing on the cake for all her accomplishments at the school for the last three yrs.Now she goes on to high school and she can hardly wait even though she will miss everyone at elementary school .We got her dress in Tuscon AZ when we were there at March break . So as of June 25th my little whippersnapper is at Easter Seals camp outside of London Ontario. She waited all year to go to this wonderful camp and was the driving force to get there . Lots of tears when I left though so I have spent the last two nights a bit sleepless. Just got a call from the camp that she is having a wonderful time and has signed up for sledge hockey to try it out . Go girl!! So I can rest easy tonight. Will post part 3 to tell you about our trip away from July 10-21 and then finally will have some Christmas in July stitching to show and a find! Thanks for visiting!


  1. Awww Jennifer, Elisabeth looks beautiful in that dress! It suits her perfectly. And I'm glad that she's having such a good time at camp. My, how her life is changing this year.

  2. Wow Jennifer, Elisabeth looks absolutely gorgeous in that great dress.Good to hear she had a good time....

  3. Elisabeth looks gorgeous and so good that she's having a great time at camp.