Friday, July 23, 2010

Bonjour( where I have been part 1)

Well as July heads on in full throttle heat mode in the greater Toronto area ( or GTA as us locals call it)I am finally getting back to let those who are interested know what I have been up to for the past two months since Iblogged last. This will involve a series of posts as there have been numerous events and at the end I will share some so called Christmas in July stitching.
On May 30th my daughter Elisabeth had a wonderful day celebrating the opening of our Maplegrove United Church elevator. This was a yr long project that involved a whole new entrance , elevator , air conditioning and new accessible bathrooms and floors and many more additions too numerous to mention. For the 11 yrs she has been attending the church
, 9 have been spent with her being carried up stairs by many strong men . On the celebration day she made a speech thanking all of these hearty souls . Well there was not a dry eye in the church that was filled to capacity for the celebration . She received a standing ovation and her proud mother , father and brother were again reminded that
yes one little ( big) soul can make a difference in this world as the church had been debating putting in an
elevator for 20plus years.
Now the church is accessible to all and she can now invite some of her friends that are in w/c's to watch her dance or just attend church with her.
The week of June 1st was Elisabeth's dance recital , she takes part in a musical theatre group and they performed a medley of 'Lion King' songs. Also she is in the Spirit Moves dance liturgical dance company . So she had two numbers in four shows with 2 rehersals so it was a long week with the special athletes track meet thrown in . Her last in elementary school .
Here is her beautiful costume from the musical theatre number, the other
girls wore red, yellow , peach, it was just a beautiful sight , and a pic from the track meet.
Can't forget my DS who rode 50 km in the Becel ride for heart and with his team ' Passing Fancy ' raised over $1000.
So I thought after all this excitement there would be a lull but no the fun continued with my trip to Montreal Quebec on June 16-18th with Elisabeth's grade 8 class. I couldn't figure out how they could make the trip in such a short time but after spending 3 full days with 41 grade 8 students I was more than ready to come home . Just to let you know what it is like to travel with a w/c . The coach bus arrived at 8:30 am for our departure but didn't depart until 10:30 as the driver didn't have a clue how to work the w/c lift that had been planned for since fall of 2009( 10 whole months ago!!!!!) Well with the principal who was going on the trip and some other great
folks they managed to work it and we got away in the day long pouring rain ! Making all our destinations on time ( what they were going to do with the two extra hours with 41 excited students is beyond me ) I must say no one complained which made DD and I more than happy . To make a long story short Montreal is a wonderful city and I hope to go back in the near future.Here is a pic of DD and I at the Olympic stadium where the games were held in 1976. When I was a teen I saw a baseball game there but hadn't been back since. Today it is used for concerts, swimming , championship diving , fitness center . It has a huge elevator that we rode up in and got a wonderful view of the city.The other activities included visiting a sugar shack, and on the last day going to circus school which was Elisabeth's fav.
So that concludes part 1 of what I have been up to . I will post in a few days of the rest of the story as I can't believe all the things that have gone on in two months.
Thanks so much for stopping by.


  1. Hello Jennifer, good to see you back again.What a happy picture of your daughter..and your son ....can imagine you're a proud mum...
    Wonderful post to read....

  2. Yay! You're back! I love how your pride in your children shines through in this post. I know you must be tired after all of that activity, but you seem to be doing great. I'm looking forward to Part 2!

  3. Great story about the elevator. Made me tear up too!
    Glad to see you have been busy.