Friday, May 7, 2010

Stash pictures

Happy Friday everyone! Here finally are the pics of my Birthday stash from April and an extra I just couldn't resist. I hope all the Moms have a great mother's day this weekend. No plans yet here but after church it is opening day for the Senior Blue Jays ! Yes my son is a Blue Jay this year.I think we are in for some cooler weather this weekend so it may be a winter coat game.
So to explain my stash. I just couldn't resist 'Shores of HRH' I love everything to do with the sea. After seeing' My Hometown 'on Siobhan's blog I caved and got that one too. 'Valentine Rose' by BBD, 'Together ' by Heart in Hand and the 'plum cottage sampler' couldn't resist that one either. And then there is 'Eiffel Quaker' by Jardin Prive. We are painting our dusty rose living room walls another colour to match our new leather sofa and loveseat that is on the brown tones. The colours in the 'Eiffel Quaker ' on the cover of the leaflet would be beautiful. Since I have a love of Paris it called out my name. As well, I have been drooling over the beautiful quaker designs out there. I got 'Lady's quaker 'awhile back and it is great.Not sure when you will see the starts on any of these but there's hope. So there we have it ! Off to enjoy Friday and hope to stitch a bit.


  1. Yummy stash Jennifer!! Course I got to see much of it in person since I have an "in" with the lady of the stash. Hee!! It was cool being able to see a Hawk Run Hollow chart resting (briefly) in my very own hands. I love that Eiffel Tower design too and need to get it from the designer's site. She makes pretty designs
    doesn't she?? Good luck with the painting!


  2. Love the new stash, Jennifer! I can't wait to see them as WIPs. ;)

  3. Hello Jennifer found your blog at Isa's.Love your stitching and fell in love with your Quaker Eiffel.I'm starting to love Paris and France too.....
    Hugs from Holland

  4. You got a yummy stash Jennifer and I am sure you will have many pleasure to stitch all these wonderful designs .
    I wish you a great day ,

  5. Well hello to you too Jennifer. Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind words. Judy is a wonderful person isn't she.
    Ann has an open house in August and I host a weekend in September. Perhaps you will be able to make it to one of those and get to meet us all.
    Will be back!