Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A win !!

Well the mail brought me a lovely surprise when I won a draw on Carol' s blog stitchingdream that Carol had for her birthday. I hadn't seen this wonderful Christmas ornament chart before. She generously sent the threads and this cute quilt card along with it . Thank you so much Carol and Happy happy birthday. I have certainly met some wonderful stitching friends since I started my blog . What a wonderful blog world!
Not much to show yet on 'Lo ' but will have some progress next week . We got some wonderful news last week when I took my daughter to see the surgeon for her checkup. She doesn't need surgery on her legs so we don't see him for another two years when she is 16. We were all thrilled as we know that we are keeping her moving in her walker at school and exercises done at home. She had surgery when she was 5 and it is a painful memory for her.
I have been having fun looking at all the Nashville releases and hope to have some new stash to share soon( to add to my millions of other projects!!) join the club right? !
Canada is doing so well at the Olympics as are the U. S. and the rest of the world. It is certainly fun to watch.
I wanted to mention that the heart from my last post is from a magazine but I am not sure which one. I can't even recall what prompted me to stitch it , it was so long ago. It would look lovely in red though.
Before I go here are my Valentine flowers that my sweetie sent me .They were a wonderful surprise.I have cut them off and put them in the bowl to enjoy the final days of their beauty!
Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments you leave , they are a bright spot during these dull winter days !


  1. What cute ornaments you won! Congrats! Good news about your daughter, I bet she's one happy girl!

  2. Love the win! Congratulations! That's exciting news for your daughter! The roses are really pretty!

  3. What a beautiful prize to win. Those roses are just stunning and so rich in colour.

    I remember when DS had surgeries on his legs and hips when he was little he hated it and I found out later that he thought that he was going to die. I am glad that your daughter is able to have her surgery put off for another couple of years.

    Hugs to you and your DD

  4. Hi Jennifer,

    Congratulations on winning Carol's draw.
    I don't recall ever seeing that chart before
    either but Plum Pudding Designs have done some
    very cute designs and are worth checking out.

    Oh, that is wonderful news about your Daughter
    not needing surgery on her legs at this time.
    I can just about imagine the relief that she must be feeling. Hope the walker and the home
    therapy will continue to help her improve and
    get stronger.

    I've been looking at the previews from
    Nashville as they've become available and
    and making notes about the ones that I want.
    Then there are the notes about the already released charts that I would dearly love to
    add to my stash. Got several pages of those.
    And then theres the main releases from
    Nashville that are being posted on LNS sites
    everywhere. I think I'm going to need a second
    full time job to pay for it all!!!

    You should see my book wish list on Chapters
    website too!!!

    I've caught bits of the Olympics once in
    awhile since DH is watching it when he can,
    but truthfully I'm not keen on sports of
    any sort and I've never been impressed or
    interested in the Olympics so I don't pay
    it much attention.

    Your Valentine roses are lovely in their
    bowl. Are you going to try drying a few???

    Jennifer, I'd love for us to get together.
    I couldn't find your email address on your
    blog so here's mine:


    Contact me and we'll make plans!!

    Oh Boy!! Someone to stitch with!!!


  5. Congratulations on the win! I am so glad to hear about your daughter--you must be so relieved and happy. :)

  6. Lovely gift. I'll have to check out the Plum Pudding designs.
    Good news about your daughter.

  7. I'm so glad you're enjoying the giveaway prize, Jennifer! And what wonderful news that your daughter doesn't need surgery--I'm sure that is a huge relief to all :)

  8. Hi Jennifer,

    I was going through my email junk file and
    I think I might have, could have, inadvertently
    deleted an email that might have been from you.
    Did you send me an email?? If so my apologies.
    Please send it again. Thanks.

    Signed: Hopeless With Technology (Judy)

  9. Jennifer, that's exactly what I did with my Valentine roses...just to get a few extra days out of them! Enjoyed peeking at your blog!

  10. What a fantastic gift to recieve!!!!