Monday, February 8, 2010

Progress on 'Lo'

Well with the Superbowl yesterday I managed to get some stitching in with my SAL partner Lee at Lakestitcher. Here is my latest progress. I love this design and the threads are so surprising with every stitch when they change colour . I finished Practice Kindness but will be taking out what I stitched as the year as it looks too big and I think stitch it over one. Hope to show it to you soon. I hope all my blogging friends are staying warm and safe in the snow belts.
We have had such little snow this year, better not speak too soon!! I will try and post some snow pics later in the week.


  1. Hi Jennifer,

    Nice progress on "Lo". It's always fun to see
    how the veriagated threads will stitch out.
    Especially when you're doing a nice sized
    patch which allows the use of a good portion
    of a strand. You don't get that with DMC
    single color threads, although I am by no
    means disparaging DMC threads which bring their
    own style of magic to stitching.

    Didn't get any stitching done this weekend
    because my friend was here visiting and we
    were concentrating on movies. Saw Avatar in
    the theatre and I bought Julie and Julia
    which we watched Saturday night. Both movies
    were fantastic. Loved the incredible 3D
    creations of Avatar and the incredible
    talent that is Meryl Streep in Julie and

    Spent last evening blogging instead of
    stitching, but that's always fun too. DH
    watched much of the Super Bowl although
    he doesn't care as much for American

    Glad to hear that there weren't any serious
    injuries when that lady drove her car into
    the apartment building (!!) near your home.
    What an experience.

    Snow coming tomorrow night. I plan to stay
    home on Wednesday and stitch. May have a
    jammie day. Can't wait. Nothing like being
    able to stay home and hibernate when the
    weather is bad outside.


  2. Hooray! You're really making progress. Keep going!

  3. It is so beautiful, Jennifer!

    Hey--I would be happy to send you some of the 30 inches of snow that we've gotten over the past four days!!

  4. Very pretty! I've always loved that floss but haven't stitched much with that I see how pretty it is, I will have to.

  5. there is nothing like a full day of sports on the TV so's we can stitch the time away.
    Be always in stitches.

  6. This is turning out really pretty Jennifer. I love overdyed flosses, but when doing a large project, they add up fast. In that case I usually opt for the larger stitched items to be done in overdyes so they showcase nicer and use DMC for the smaller parts. Seems to work out nice.