Thursday, February 11, 2010

A finish and a Valentine

I finished 'Practice Kindness' I added the key as I love keys and have seen them on various blogs. Not sure I am thrilled about how the pale year showed up but I think with a dark frame I can handle it. Think I will take it to be framed soon before it gathers dust. I guess it can be my first finish for 2010 even though I probably started it in 1995 when the pattern came out. I forgot to mention in my last post that those beautiful threads are Weeks dye works threads. Just loving them on 'Lo'
I hope everyone has a great Valentine's weekend and gets some well deserved stitching time in .
Here is a heart that I stitched a few years back that would look good in red too . I can't even remember where it came from but with my destashing I am sure it will turn up.
Happy Heart's day!


  1. I think the key makes the piece. Very nicely done. You have a Happy Valentines.
    Be always in stitches

  2. Congrats on your finish! That blue heart is just lovely!

  3. Oh, I love the heart in blue! I might just have to stitch this one myself :)

    Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  4. That is a gorgeous heart. Congrats on the finish.

  5. Lovely heart finish. Congrats.

    And Happy Valentine's weekend too!

  6. A really lovely finish, congrats!

  7. Very pretty finish, congratulations! Have a brilliant Valentine's Day!

  8. All your projects are so pretty! I finally got my hands on the book that "LO" is in, and I love it too-hope to stitch it soon. For now, it's calling to me and I'm resisting so I can finish other things! Thx for stopping by my blog-your comments are so nice to see!

  9. Hi Jennifer,

    How did you manage today with the sudden
    return to winter that we experienced???

    I was pretty lucky in my homeward travels
    after work and was only 1/2 an hour later
    then usual arriving at Curves for my Monday
    night work out.

    My DH has shoveled the driveway out twice
    this evening, and it looks as though the
    snow might be tapering off now. It's
    8:45 pm. Looks like we're getting snow
    pretty much every day for the next week
    although the temperatures are going to stay
    fairly comfortable at around 0 Celsius.

    That blue heart is lovely, and looks
    awful familiar to me. I bet it's in one
    of the binders that I have downstairs
    with patterns from stitching magazines
    from the early 90's. It would be nice
    to stitch it in red as well and hang
    the two hearts together.

    Lo, How a Rose is looking great and
    the colors are spectacular. The best
    thing about using variegated thread is
    seeing how the colors come out as you

    You'll find that Mary Kathryn gives
    great service, and is really quick too.
    Have you visited her blog at all???
    She stitches beautifully, and her
    photos of the mountains near her home
    are spectacular.

    Can't wait to see those new Prairie
    Schooler charts in person. That's
    funny that you had to get them too as
    soon as you saw them. Great minds
    think alike eh?

    Didn't get any stitching in tonight,
    drat, and tomorrow is Weight Watchers
    so that'll be a late night too. Ah
    well. There's always Wednesday night.


  10. Oh Jennifer, your Lo is looking great!
    I wanted to tell you (because I'll forget)
    The "He's a Flake" ornament is using the same colors as charted, I just didn't add the gold beads and substituted the red floss color in their place :)
    Have a great week!