Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Back to'Lo' and some new finishes

Happy spring day everyone! I am back to stitching on 'Lo' with Lee and am happy to be back at it. Here is the latest pic. I got the top two flowers and the word 'rose' and part of 'How ' done. It was a struggle as my daughter had a science test to study for but our work paid off and she did well on Monday with it. We both celebrated birthdays in the last two weeks and she was very happy with her birthday as her Educational Assistants spoiled her with a purple boa and a crown to wear on her special day . She came home a very happy gal.
As for dear son , he is learning to drive and my first experience with him was a bit nerve wracking to say the least! My DH has better luck but if you are just starting behind the wheel it there is bound to be some anxiety for your passengers. We'll get him enrolled in a local driving school very soon.
Here are my 'cupcake' and 'tart' finishes from CCN. I may add some beads to cupcake as it calls for french knots and I think the beads would look pretty . They are quick to stitch so I must think of a new colour for my kitchen so I can get them framed when done and up on the freshly painted wall.
I would like to thank Jayne at ' An eye for threads" for nominating me for the beautiful blogger award! What an honour! I will blog more about this when I can get Mr. Technical ( my DS ) to assist me.
Until then have a wonderful stitching week.


  1. The stitching looks just gorgeous!! I haven't ever been to The Busy Neelde from your last post, but I have done some model stitches that they have in their store. They seem to be very nice people.

  2. It's so funny that our samplers are in almost exactly the same state of finish! Good luck with your young driver. So much of driving is learned by experience and it's so hard at the beginning when they're INexperienced. Not much to do about it but keep calm and be patient. Yay for the DD and her exam and her birthday!

  3. Lovely stitching. Colours are great. Good luck with your 'L' driver. Just keep calm.

    Happy stitching to you.

  4. I love seeing yours and Lee's progress on "Lo," Jennifer. It is such a lovely piece... Lee and I are having a get-together on Friday--I hope she'll bring hers so I can see it in person...

    Hang in there with the driving! Having been through it with three sons I know it is anxiety-producing, but when he does get his license, you'll be thrilled to have him run errands for you.

    I can just imagine your daughter grinning with her crown and purple boa--tell her "great job" on her science grade!

  5. Love the cupcake/tart designs! I'm going to have to put those on 'wish' list. :)

  6. Love both of these designs! So cute. Can't wait to see the finishes.

  7. Great job on the cupcake/tart finishes!! I love your progress on Lo, too.

    Good luck with being the mother of a learning-to-drive driver. My daughter goes for her theory (provisional) test next month and keeps telling me that she can't wait to be driving my car. Lord help us all. ;)