Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Stitching Progress

Well more progress to show on 'Lo'. The vine on the right took forever to stitch . Both Lee ( my SAL partner from Lake Stitcher) and I agree. The finished product is worth it though. So many little flowers scattered throughout are fun too.
Almost time to move my Q snaps.
The post brought a lovely treat from my Mom the other day . Another lovely bag! One for me and an early birthday present for my daughter's friend Kristin who when she saw DD 's wondered what brand it was. She is an engineering student in Toronto and they spend time together doing fun girly things so we wanted to have Mom make her a bag too . Needless to say she was thrilled to get it. Her bag is the bright pink one on the left with black
trim and my new spring bag is on the right , made out of leftover fabric from the quilt Mom made me for Christmas. I certainly shrieked when I opened it as you never know what they will look like but are always wonderful when they arrive. ( I don't think my Mom has ever made anything that didn't look great)
I promise my next post will show some stash that is slowly coming in the mail.
Have a wonderful week!


  1. Jennifer, you're really coming along on Lo, and it's looking wonderful! I agree with you and Lee about that vine. Actually, I had lots of unstitching and restitching moments (ok, hours) in that piece.

    Love the bags.

  2. Lo is looking fantastic. I look forward to starting this one day soon :)

    I LOVE those bags your mom made, very pretty. They look large enough to carry everything but the kitchen sink GREAT!

    Take Care

  3. Your stitched piece is looking wonderful - the colors on this are so great. And your new "pocketbook" as they're called in New England, is lovely - enjoy!

  4. Jennifer, your piece is looking lovely. I am following Lee's progress, too and you are both tempting me to add this one to my stash :)

    Such cute bags, too!

  5. What lovely progress on Lo! It looks great. It's such a dainty piece.

    I LOVE the bags! Wow, how neat!

  6. Your sampler is coming along beautifully and I love those bags!

    Feathers in the Nest

  7. Your Mom did a great job on the bags, both are so lovely and your WIP is coming along well.

  8. You're doing such a nice job on the sampler! It looks like it will be beautiful when it is done. Those bags are wonderful as well!!