Friday, January 15, 2010

Lo how a Rose....ever will be finished? !

Decided to show you my poor progress on
'Lo' I blame it on the over one stitching and poor eyesight but have remedied that with a new pair of readers so hopefully next
week I will make more progress.

Next up is a sweet heart I started yrs ago but intend to finish it so I can put it up at the top of my blog in time ( or before!) Valentine's Day. I love the colours in this gem.This chart is from Heart and Hand, way back in the 90's!!!I have a lot of those charts from the 80's and 90's as you may have guessed !It is a bit primitive for you prim lovers out there!I wanted to mention that I won a draw on April's blog Itching to Stitch! It was a draw for a pattern by Pine Mountain called " Ready, Set , Snow" and once done will fit in one of Pine Mountains pillows. Thank you April! Well enjoy the weekend, we are having some lovely mild temps in the Toronto area. Good for walking !
Until next week....


  1. Not sure why the pics don't enlarge when clicked on as they do in previous posts but I 've been having trouble after downloading the pics, placing them correctly.

  2. I had the same problem not being about to get the picture to enlarge. Nice stitching and just my style really.

  3. Yes, you can finish Lo! Just keep at it and it'll happen.

  4. Just remember, yes you can, yes you can. Every stitch counts! Beautiful stitching--love the other design, too.

    I have had problems with photos, too--I thought maybe it was that I had downloaded the latest Internet Explorer, but maybe that isn't it. My daughter also has a blogger blog and says that she has to load the photos from bottom to top, in order of where you want them placed in the blog, and then drag them one by one into place. I used to just load as I went and drag the photo into place but now one photo won't bypass the other. Go figure. !? Anyway, lovely stitching! Have a great weekend!

  5. I agree with everyone else...This new photo tool for blogger really sucks wind. The old tool was so much easier to use.

    I'm moving slow as can be with LoRose, too. I can't figure out why, other than my general slowness at stitching these days.

  6. Hi Jennifer, I hope you don't mind me answering your question you left on my blog here. I looked for an email address and couldn't find one. The Birdie finish in my sidebar is called Winter Symphony by LHN. It was in the Feb 2008 issue of Just Cross Stitch.

    PS about the pictures...if you want them to remain clickable, you either have to load them as you want them posted (the newest always loads on top.) Or you need to cut and paste them on the HTML page, not the compose page.

    Very pretty stitching. My Lo got abandoned, I really need to get back to it :)

  7. Over one? You brave girl! It'll be beautiful and hopefully your eyes won't give out on you in the process!

  8. I lover you blog header pic!!! and the Lo How a Rose is looking great. I have that book also, but not sure I'll ever get around to it :-)

  9. Hi Jennifer,

    Do you use a magnifier at all when stitching??
    It might help with Lo, How a Rose. I can't
    stitch without mine and I usually stitch on
    28 count or 32 count. I'm hesitant to try
    anything smaller because my eyes are so bad.
    Perhaps once you get a bit more of the design
    done you'll feel more inspired.

    The Heart In Hand design looks lovely and you
    are so right about the colors in it. They are
    very pretty. I have lots of charts from the
    90's too (the first phase of my stitching
    obsession) but most are Leisure Arts charts.
    Had a couple of early Prairie Schoolers too.

    Enjoyed the pictures of your Christmas
    celebrations and the gifts that your Mom
    made. Those quilts are magnificent!!!
    And those quilted bags will be very useful.
    I drooled over the Toblerone Cheesecake
    picture...and my keyboard.


  10. I think they both are just lovely, Jennifer! I'll be back to follow your progress :)